Best snorkel ever!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!¡¡¡ (Part 1)

The boat stopped and I felt my suit get tighter around me and stick as we came to a halt.

“You guys can go first, the other people have never done this. It is their first time.” The nice and gentle guide said to us.

“That can work.” Dad said looking a little pleased that we got to go first. Leendert jumped in first. The water splashed up as slightly sprinkled me. Brrr. The water was so cold. I knew I was up next. I got to the edge and was about to go in when the assistant of the captain came and sprayed something in dad’s goggles.
“Alicia, take off you goggles. This, to what he said and I am going to trust him, this will help it not fog up.” Dad told me.
“But I am already half of board and it takes forever to take them off and to put them on.” I said trying no to wine. Finely I got them of and they sprayed the thing in. My dad handed it back to me.
“Am I suppose to do this…… alone?” I asked grabbing the edge of the boat and put my weight back on to the boat.
“No. But you will need to help.” Dad said looking at me.
“And how do you exactly want me to do that?” I asked. “I could fall of any minute.” In another minute or two, we were in the water looking for things. I felt myself being pulled back, by my flippers. I looked back and saw my dad pointing at what then seemed like a plain rock until it moved a little. Then I knew we had found a ray. I knew that I had stopped breathing because I was getting a little dizzy. Inside I felt myself screaming and jumping up and down. Mom grabbed my hand and we went on swimming. After a lot, I meant A LOT, of fish seeing, mom asked dad
“Should we start heading back?”
“It is fine. They are not even in the water yet.” Dad said. I saw mom’s mouth go open to argue but just put her snorkel in. We went a little way and turned around. Soon. When we got closer to the boat, I spotted another ray. I pulled about ten times on dad’s suit before he realized that I was pointing to the tiny little ray. We got to the group that had just jumped in when I spotted another little ray. I called out to the guide. He saw it and called out to the group, but by the time he looked down against it was gone.
“I saw it go over there.” I said. He just nodded and it kinder looked like maybe another day look. We got on the boat. Not even ten minutes later, we where off to Kicker Rock.

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