We went to a cooking class. Thailand is famous for its food. Here, everyone learned how to make five meals and we did not all do the same thing. The foods we made were: Green curry, Yellow curry, Red curry, spring rolls, Pad Thai, mango and sticky rice, banana in coconut milk, just to name a few. Before cooking all of this amazing food of deliciousness though, we visited the farm. We saw many spices and fruits. Of these include the cashew tree. FYI, it grows fruits and not nuts. The nut is attached to the fruit. Why not Google it and see what I mean. I also collected a coconut with the help of my father. Go teamwork! In the end I managed to eat two and a half plates of food. We still have the spring rolls though. They are here, ready to be eaten.

Picking coconut yellow curry



Dal Baht. This is the food from Nepal. Everyone eats it. You can find it it any restaurant and you get free second rounds. It is also the cheapest there is. Basically it is rice with lentils, some potato and spice, with a Papadam. A usual routine for a local would be:
Wake up early for a cup of coffee. Relax until late and have the Dal Baht for breakfast. Start working in the fields or whatever the work is. In the evening, have bore Dal Baht and go to bed. The reason they eat Dal Baht is because the work they did often consisted of plowing fields or other energy intensive chores. They needed to keep up in terms of how much calories they burned compared to how many they ate. This is how this food was born.



Street food

Yesterday we ate some street food in Malaysia with some friends of my fathers. The food there was amazing. We had Prawns, Sting Ray, some kind of mussel-like creature, Rice, Veggies, and Pepper Crab. It may not seem special but the food was incredible and the sphere just enhanced the greatness of the experience. The food was slightly spicy, which we loved, though it did make my coconut disappear in a snap. Later we had mango rice with coconut sauce for desert. Again a great sphere and delicious food.

Street market food




Though you might not know the name almost everyone has heard of it. It is known worldwide for smelling awful but tasting amazing. We got the chance to taste this fruit. My father had eaten some before and said it tasted good. He lied. In fact he did not like it either (or ever). He knew this. He could explain everything about its awful flavour. He said “You will have the flavour in your mouth again every time you burp and tomorrow morning you will burp and think ‘what the heck is that flavour’ and it will be this fruit”. I will quote my dad again. This time it will describe my experience eating it. “Smells like garbage, tastes like garbage”. Apparently only tourists fall for it because the locals were laughing at us when we ate it.



Hello everyone. I have decided to changes the design of my page. Hope you like it. It is based purely on top tens so they will change. These however will not be in order. My recipe page does not exist yet. Anything saying it is on it is ready but not posted yet.


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  1. I also had the experience of eating Guinea Pig while in Peru. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but I was glad they only serve it for special occasions.

  2. Ik weet niet hoe ik het in mijn huis heb gekregen , maar ik heb toch zulke lekkere bramenjam!!!
    Die hebben jullie daar niet hè?

    1. Nee, en ik zou dear veel voor geven! De dame die voor ons kookt doet het goed, maar het is ten minste twee keer per dag soep, en tussen de twee en drie keer reist. Vaak met 2 keer iets vis achtigs. Nu heeft de Kruikenburg mij geleerd dat vis op vrijdag moet, maar hier is het twee keer per dag vrijdag. Een beetje te veel voor mij. Kinderen maken het goed (maar Alicia en Heidi zijn toe aan de rustdag morgen). Hebben besloten om met vliegtuig naar san Cristobal te gaan volgende week vrijdag ipv 2 boot trippen van over 2 uur met een 4 uur layover… Ik probeer morgen te skypen.

  3. Leendert

    I loved the story you wrote about the food. I love the way you are so willing to try all the new things that are presented to you.
    Love to here your comments.

    Love to you, Oma

    1. Well it’s not like you have a choice. The smell that emanates from the food is so powerful that you can taste it before you eat it (this was if you commented on the street food part). OR Everyone tells you it smells bad but tastes great. Not only people but also magazines and books. I’m glad they lied or I would not even have dared (which I shouldn’t have anyway (if you commented on the Durian part)).

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