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Fishing is soooo much fun

Yesterday, we went fishing for squid and for fish. I wanted to try to fish for squid because none of us had ever done that before. I put the hook in the water slowly and stood there, trying to stay warm. It was not more than 5 minutes when a cloud of something black appeared near my bait.

‘Is that, ink?’ I asked myself.

“Lost the bait, again. I think I am going to go fish for squid.” I heard mom say. As hard as it was, I didn’t look up. Something white startled me. A squid! It was heading towards my bait. It came near and I yanked. A little too early. It swam under the dock. Then it came back at full speed this time. I felt a shiver run up and down my spine. I saw the line sink in the slightest bit and I yanked it again this time as hard as I could. I slowly pulled the string up and yes there it was.

“I got it I. I got the squid, I screeched with joy. A man had walked up wile I was catching the squid and congratulated me. He pulled of the squid and put it on the dock. It squirted some ink at us and soon realized that it was no use. The color drained out and died. It got to the point when it was a little to cold so we said good-bye to the man and went home. At home, as an appetizer, guess what we has… yes, squid. Dad and I got too cook it and taste it first. It was the best. Way better than any deep fried or other squid, this one was hyper fresh.

To me, its beginners luck. I got this when I was fishing too.






see,  proof that this is not blabber talk.


Today we got to go painting. Not just painting but painting like an aboriginal. We only had three colors. They each represented something. Yellow was sun, red was dirt and white was water.all turned out wonderfully beautiful and still look that way (even though dad had sprayed them to make them prettier and made them a foggy white), yes, the still look WONDERFUL.

Machu Picchu

We have just come back from Machu Picchu. We had a splendid time there. A very fun thing is that between Saturday and Sunday, how much more pleasant it was on Saturday more than Sunday. Not only was it raining on Sunday but it is also the locals free day so they are all coming to see the sights. So, Sunday was not really a Sun-day.


Machu Picchu Saturday



Person who needs a haircut worse than Leendert

You may have met a lot of people who need a serious haircut. Well, I think I beat you all with that. Here is the proof.



Well, ok maybe that is a bit of cheating as it is an animal. To be more precise it is an Alpaca.

We got to go visit a centre of Alpaca’s, lama’s, and more animals. Alpacas get their hair cut only once a year (and they turn into beautiful sweaters).

You can’t see the feet of this alpaca because it has too much hair!

Best snorkle ever!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!¡¡¡!!¡¡¡¡ (part 2)

“These animals will be scared if you scream across the water going here is a shark! Or here is a turtle… So we have invented that if you do this, it means there is a shark, this means there is a sea turtle, this means there is a sea lion, this means there is a ray and this means there is a hammer head shark.” The guys said.So, shark is put your hand up with fingers pointing up to your forehead,turtle is put one hand out, put the other hand on top, close both hands and move your thumbs, sea lion is clap with the whole arm from your elbow and for hammer head sharks, you make fists and put them on either her side of your head. I revised in my head even though I knew that I was not going to use it. The guide hoped into the water and just then, he put the shark single on. He looked back in and put the hammer head shark on. Leendert, how was freezing, wanted so bad to see it that he was the next one into the water. I jumped in after an inside screeched (because of the cold and I saw the hammer head). They are kine of scary but really cool looking. We saw a dozen at least!

Best snorkel ever!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!¡¡¡ (Part 1)

The boat stopped and I felt my suit get tighter around me and stick as we came to a halt.

“You guys can go first, the other people have never done this. It is their first time.” The nice and gentle guide said to us.

“That can work.” Dad said looking a little pleased that we got to go first. Leendert jumped in first. The water splashed up as slightly sprinkled me. Brrr. The water was so cold. I knew I was up next. I got to the edge and was about to go in when the assistant of the captain came and sprayed something in dad’s goggles.
“Alicia, take off you goggles. This, to what he said and I am going to trust him, this will help it not fog up.” Dad told me.
“But I am already half of board and it takes forever to take them off and to put them on.” I said trying no to wine. Finely I got them of and they sprayed the thing in. My dad handed it back to me.
“Am I suppose to do this…… alone?” I asked grabbing the edge of the boat and put my weight back on to the boat.
“No. But you will need to help.” Dad said looking at me.
“And how do you exactly want me to do that?” I asked. “I could fall of any minute.” In another minute or two, we were in the water looking for things. I felt myself being pulled back, by my flippers. I looked back and saw my dad pointing at what then seemed like a plain rock until it moved a little. Then I knew we had found a ray. I knew that I had stopped breathing because I was getting a little dizzy. Inside I felt myself screaming and jumping up and down. Mom grabbed my hand and we went on swimming. After a lot, I meant A LOT, of fish seeing, mom asked dad
“Should we start heading back?”
“It is fine. They are not even in the water yet.” Dad said. I saw mom’s mouth go open to argue but just put her snorkel in. We went a little way and turned around. Soon. When we got closer to the boat, I spotted another ray. I pulled about ten times on dad’s suit before he realized that I was pointing to the tiny little ray. We got to the group that had just jumped in when I spotted another little ray. I called out to the guide. He saw it and called out to the group, but by the time he looked down against it was gone.
“I saw it go over there.” I said. He just nodded and it kinder looked like maybe another day look. We got on the boat. Not even ten minutes later, we where off to Kicker Rock.

I cannot stop with asking!

Hello everyone! I have been on Isabela for the past week. You may or may not know that this is a volcanic Island. Do not feel bad if you did not know. I did not know it until the 5th day either. It is composed of 6 different volcanos. 5 are dormant and the last one is dead. It is dead because there is only half of it left. This volcanic island has been created about 700,000 years ago by a volcano. I got to go on to the top of one of the volcanos. It was called the Sierra Negra. Sierra means mountain and Negra stands for black. So in English, you would say ‘mountain black’. This is something really cool. This volcano last erupted in 2006 but there was no damage done. “What! How is that possible?” you may ask. But this volcano, people could watch explode and not get hurt because the lava stayed in the very, very large crater. And by very, very large, I say that because it is the second largest crater in the world. It is 10 kilometers in diameter. That is very long I have to say. There are also a lot of different kinds of volcanos. This one is a shield volcano. This volcano has erupted 12 times since 1800. Not a single scientist is trying to predict next time it will erupt because no damage will be done! There is something really cool. The lava will cool down, but it will not always go very fast. The lava on top will cool off because it is exposed to the cold air. The part in the middle and the bottom will stay warm. So the top part will harden into rock but under it, the hot lava will still flow. This will form a tunnel tube type of thing. The problem is that at some parts it is thinner than others. The animals around will walk over the thin parts and fall in. Sometimes they will not manage to get out. That is why people are finding bones in these tunnels. I loved the experience of going on to this volcano (even if all I could see were clouds and clouds and clouds), it was really cool. You should go on one too if you have not yet -or even if you have- to see if any of this makes sense.


The typical piece of clothing in Ecuador:
The way that the girls where their hair is by getting a piece of ribbon and twist it in the hair. After they have done that, you cannot see the hair in the middle of the pony tail but only and inch or two at the bottom. The dress they wear is from their knees to… Well longer. To what I have seen from pictures AND seen myself the tops are white, embroidered with a lot of colors and the skirt ( the bottom part of the dress ) is often times… Well all most all colors. Not on one but there are a lot of different colors. No doubt, you will have the color you want.

Journal of the first day. 17/10/2014

Mom came to wake us up for the long day. 25 hours and a half. She came up to me and said in almost a whisper

” Alicia, time to get…” She had no time to finish the sentence because I was awake and I jumped in to her arms. At one moment, I was thinking that she was going to have a heart attack but that did not happen.
“Are you going to wake Leendert up now?” I asked hopping she would say yes.
“No, he has been up since 6:30.” She answered. I got up and got everything I could do without hurting my heel.
“Let’s go to lunch.” Mom said happily.
“You mean breakfast, right?” I asked. She rolled her eyes, sighed her happy sight and nodded. I could not help a giggle after Leendert started to laugh. We laughed a little but mom shushed us that other people might be sleeping now.we let out one more laugh and got quiet like mom had told us. My happiness in that moment was never to forget. I still had some time before we where going to go to breakfast. I plopped down on to the bed I was sleeping in and took the book that was next to me. The book was about things around the world. I had gotten it the day before, that was the last day of school for the year, the teachers gave it to me to say good bye. The best is that they all signed it.
“Come on. We should get some breakfast now. We will be leaving soon.” Mom told us before I could open the book. I put it away in a bag and went out the room wile tying my hair in a pony tale.