Vienna – Departure is hard!

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   apfelspalten By susi At Wolfgang & Susi's  BKBoys After**diner

selfieWassink   BKGirls BKGroup

doodleSchool2 SchoolSignDoodle1 

What we leave behind (applies in many ways)!



3 thoughts on “Vienna – Departure is hard!”

  1. Nice Blog folks…why was this kept a secret from your favourite brother (in law) / uncle???? Enjoy NC and say hi to Judy and Gary for us. See you over Xmas.

    1. t is om gek te worden,…. alles klaar stomen en dan ook nog een blog / website maken, bijhouden (op een andere pc dan ik gewoon ben). Ik was ook IT challenged, vandaar de late mail.
      goede reis naar de US
      B4 (backpack 4)

  2. Dear Alicia,
    Well done on your blog i hope that ur having a fun trip
    around the world
    your friend

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