About my task as backpack 1:

The way that the girls where their hair is by getting a piece of ribbon and twist it in the hair. After they have done that, you cannot see the hair in the middle of the pony tail but only and inch or two at the bottom. The dress they wear is from their knees to… Well longer. To what I have seen from pictures AND seen myself the tops are white, embroidered with a lot of colors and the skirt ( the bottom part of the dress ) is often times… Well all most all colors. Not on one but there are a lot of different colors. No doubt, you will have the color you want.

9 thoughts on “Clothes”

  1. Alicia – you are dropping the ball young lady! How come I haven’t heard anything yet about your assigned topic? Who is wearing what??

  2. HI Alicia
    I think you did a good job of describing the clothes, but I wish there was a picture. Do you think you could get a picture of the colored skirts? They sound amazing!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      I Am sorry to have to say this but I cannot send you a picture. I have gone away from Quito and now am in Isabela island (you would know this if you read the blog but…….). Sorry again.

      1. Can you put a picture up on the blog? That’s really what I meant… I know where you are, I can tell by the blog! It looks like you are having fun teaching at school. Is it a lot different from your school?

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