Thailand: Koh Samui (Koh Tao and the Islands); Ayutthaya; Bangkok

Final pictures Bangkok – to a market – last tuk-tuk. And it rains. time to get out of here!

BankokToMarket RainTime to leave Last TukTuk

Ayutthaya actually has a nice historical center with a rich collection of temple complexes.  We use the local transport as usual, enjoy the steep steps and old stone structures.

OurDrive Windows ClockTEmple SteepSteps


One more [t]emple[tje], we just can’t get enough of them,…. or perhaps we can…. (picture two is temple fatigue)

Empletje3   templeFatigue RowRight rowLeft

In the old Capital of Thailand Ayutthaya – Temples! The most impressive one kept for last. Reminds us of Angkor! Nice hotel rooms,…. (actually independent houses).


BoatCaptain BoatAyun  AyunTemple1  Beautiful!FamTemple HoAlicTemplAyu

Underwater beauty – on the boat & environment (like caves)

familyFrontDeck LeendertFrontDeck




MomSonChat LeendertClimb

Selection of pictures of the sailboat cruise around Koh Tao and the National Marine Park excursions…

CaptainLeendert PanoramaNationalPark

Alicia on the back deck at night… and the front deck

AliciaLightBackdeck AliciaMast

Cave exploration.

GrottoTightFit Amazing Caves Light


Monkeys in the trees.  IK BEN GEEN AAPJE!MoneyOnTree MonkeyWithChild  rainPooringDown WakeUPwith CloudsBoat

Visit the local Heathcare with Alicia – a quick visit to other parts of the island…

aliciaDocKS1 copy DocPillSort copy

IMG_0693     IMG_0695

Lamai Beach… not bad as far as beaches go. Bit busy, but otherwise a reasonable place to hang out…..




Koh Samui. View from the kitchen (there are worse environments). In the morning the buffalo come by in a herd…..ViewFromKitchen

The inside of a class-room in the break, and class in session…..theFamily on timer ClassInSession

Our place for the week – Day time / Nighttime (the bedroom is Leendert’s).

oursideFrom LeendertRoom  KohSumDayDay

KohSumNight Night