A few words in Fijian


BULA! is the one you hear most often.  Bula means Welcome, Hello, Good Afternoon and Cheers.  Pretty useful word.

The other word you learn very quickly is “VINAKA”, which means “thank you”.  It’s a word found in many phrases, such as:

Vanuinui vinaka – good luck

Vanuinui vinaka ki na siga ni kua – have a nice day

Vanuinui vinaka e nomu volau – bon voyage

Notice the pattern that you are wished luck with your day and your trip?

Since it is the season, here’s the way you wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

Me Nomuni na marau ni siga ni sucu kei na tawase ni yabaki vou

And finally, goodbye is “Ni sa moce”.  I suspect we’ll be a little sad when we have to use that one!



History of llama

When the Spanish arrived in Peru, they spent a lot of time asking the Incas questions about the local items which they’d never seen.  One of these was the llama.  Always, they would ask “Como se llama?” (how is that called)

The incas and other locals, not really wanting to talk to the Spanish and being very shy in general, would simply repeat words back to the Spanish.  In this case “llama”.  And so, the llama got it’s name not because that’s what it’s called in the Quechua language, but because the Incas could be bothered to tell the Spanish the real name!

In case anyone asks, the Quechua name is Ayllu!

Llamas in the mountains

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  1. So why is Heidi’s tab the only one without entries?! And what’s with the mysterious title? I miss talking on the phone, love seeing your pictures and reading your stories, and look forward to more!

    A big hug from sunny Brussels :-)

  2. Hello Heidi,

    How is Peru so far? Were you not only planning to mention your experiences with languages, but also on culture? Or is this also Alicia’s? In any case, you guys must be busy travelling, because there has been few comments…that is a good sign – dont get me wrong!!! Hugs from us on a very dreary Viennese Sunday

  3. Hi Heidi,

    Clara and I wish you a happy birthday !!
    Looks like your trip is going very well with a lot of amazing adventures !!!
    I’m not sure if Alicia and Clara are still communicating but will check …
    All the best for the coming months
    Big kiss to the 4 of you !!


    1. Thank you! We are celebrating in style in Vietnam. The girls email a lot, but haven’t managed to connect on Skype lately. Hopefully they can organise soon. Hugs to you guys. Heidi

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