Laos: – Luang Prabang & Surrounding

Good bye at the english class – goodbye to Le Sen menu. MichaelsClass LeSenSetLunch

LeavingLaos as we leaving Lao (airport)

To the waterfalls – bear rescue  centre of Kwang Si

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.09.55




bear face dad daughter jump


Laos: On the way to drawing class – 2 kids on the Tuk-TukTukTLP

How it all started: pen-paperLeenDrawPract  Concentrate – practice,….

And great results!

AliciPict leenPict

The boys on a bonding walking experience (starting with a boat over the river. Lost of small towns in hilly terrain. Stunning!

LeendertAboard KidBoatLaos PaBoatLaosLaosCountryLiving PaHike  BlacksmithBomb

RuralKids PaSchoenLaos wheresthepath BananawaterBridgebamboo LandscapeFlower

Spontaneous teaching in Luang Prabang.

School LPYo-Leendert SchoolLP-Hoteach AliciaSchool LP  HOTeachLP HOSchool LP PaSchoolLP LeendSchoolLP

Laos – around Luang Prabang and Woodworking for the boys (the girls made jewellery).

LaosByBike BeginningBasrelief WIPBasrelief  TheElephant is in thereWIPElephant EndwithWoodMaster

Learning about rice farming – The full cycle: Plowing, Sowing, (re-) Planting, Harvesting, Threshing, Peeling, Grinding, Eating. An amazing location!

   Planting Rice AlicCutting Threshing OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Several bridges in Luang Prabang. This bamboo one is only there in the dry season. It gets rebuild every year. bambooBridge kidsBambooBridge

Walking in the outskirts of town. Lovely insight into local Lao Living. Human desire to be connected I guess. All a matter of priority. “Hon, would you like a front door, windows, or rather a satellite dish?” WalkingLaos DiskPriority

An afternoon spent on making a knife with a local blacksmith. Making the blade as well as the handle. A fantastic afternoon!

BSstep1 Leendertstep2 DadBlowing IMG_20150517_141537IMG_20150517_140825 LeenderStep3 StartHandle MakingHandles DadHandleHArd IMG_20150517_145157Anneal the Edge TimeForSmoke

And at the end Leendert got to wow them with his shooting skills!LeenderCrossB

The Pool at our hotel…. and in the evening – hard to relax!!!!

PoolLP  PoolAt Night