China: Shanghai – Guilin – Longji – Yangshuo – Xi’an – Beijing ….

Just before we leave China – a quick picture of the local Beijing transport…


Quiet day: Did see a nice Durian as well as a very appropriate sign! (the one between the girls).

DurianChinaLife is like

Visit of the Temple of heaven (with roof detail). At the post office a package towards Apo.  Followed by a visit to Hutong area in Beijing.

HeavenlyPalace Rooftop


Hutong water HutongShop

Summer palace and Tianenman Square – forbidden city and local foods made and eaten.

AtSumerPalace Tianenman ForbiddenCity LeendHOForbid

PrepDinner EatDinner


The Great Wall of China.  Yup, it’s great!  The Olympic Stadium, and in the evening,…appropriately  Peking Duck)

LongWall Girls Great WallSelfieGreatWall BirdsnestPekingDuck

To the train Xi’an to Beijing  – In the train.

Towards the train intheTrain

Travelling in Xi’an.  Morning in the park (dance and sport with the locals), fountains, temple, biking on the city wall, dim-sum diner on Moslim street. Evening picture of the Drum Tower.

GreenSquaredance square dancing


Waterbalet TempleXianHoHelenonBike HoGoldRoof



A visit to the Qin Warriors…

OverviewSoldiers Family SoldiersSoldiersSnap


And a park with hot springs of the emperor, with many photo op’s.



A morning in Yangshuo. A dentist along the main road – between the other shops, door open to the elements.  Kids school at lunch break.

dentist schoolout

Fisherman with Birds (who catch the fish for him)fisherman 1 fisherman 2

preeeltje  in town,…. (see the boat!)

Today was a bike-ride day. Nice snap-shot on daily life.

onBike Behind BikersinAction


Yangzhuo 2015-03-19

Housing Yangshuosideroad Jilubridge  meeting locals

Amazing views of the terrain – on boats. The kids – friends as ever.

RiverviewViewKarstenBillPicture HoLeendertBamboo2Broer&Zus


Quiet highway on the way to Yangshuo (karsten view on empty road).  Stop at the amazing km caves and old towns. Appreciating the local people and the local transport.


Sheislocal  LocalTruck

In the evening a nice show


Visit to the Longji Rice terraces. Weather bit English, but magnificent views nonetheless. Great camera opportunities!


Easy day in Guilin – Heidi World High in session – nice view. Fishermen sitting on bamboo raft. Picture at Pagoda, in shopping street the dough gets a good beating…


Lunch is ‘Hot, hot, hot’ but fun to order (with hands and feet). All followed by a dubious snack on the road afterwards….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Arrival in Guilin – rain, something we haven’t seen for over 4 months! On our way to the hotel, scooters with extra long build-in umbrellas (also covering the person in the back). Wide open roads, you’ve got to love central planning!


In the hotel and in front of the hotel (Chinese lanterns)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Food for thought,…. we skipped the ‘boar genitals’ and ‘bamboo rat’OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In Shanghai, prayers at the Longhua Temple. A gorgeous temple with many active people burning incense – we joined them for a few sticks..

prayerIncense LiteIncense

TempleLanterns GoldenStatues


Shanghai, a lovely old town with great street food

oldROOFS BreadManoldTown 3wisemen

And we truly enjoyed the river cruise…..

boat Pudong  AliciaBoatBund


Arrived in Pudong airport and took the fast train to Shanghai  (a full 8 minutes worth…)  but is it the speed that matters.


The following morning – cold but nice weather…. Exploring town. The People’s park, Antique market, locals playing Mah Jong,….

FrontStephanHouse PeopleParkMaoAntique  LocalsMahJongHoKidsShanghai