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6 thoughts on “Alicia”

  1. J’ai même réussi à trouver la traduction du texte anglais en français.La traduction est un peu “tiré par les cheveux”mais
    c’est formidable de pouvoir avoir de vos news.S’il te plait Alicia,
    dis moi si tu as reçu les comments.Bonne suite. Bisous


    1. Hello Hannah,
      I am doing fine. Today might be the best day until now. We got to go swimming with… Sea lions, sea turtles, sting rays, A LOT of fish… Although, the best thing is that we had made a friend in the airplane in Quito and her trip was all planed and we got to do this fun activity with HER! Even now after being in our room for at least and hour, I can still feel the sand in my toes.

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