My journal

Hello. This will be where I keep all my notes on what we did when. I hope that you will like the site and maybe we will give you an idea for your next travel. Anything you would like me to add or to change in my writing you can post in the comment below. Enjoy.

17th of October

Backpack trouble today. Not just with us but also with the rest of the family. Five people traveled to Raleigh and on three different planes. Out of the five, four of them lost their luggage of which me. The only person who did not did not even have any packed luggage. Some of the stories are bad. We had trouble in D.C. already with our bags being sent to the wrong terminal. We waited an hour and a half to get it and then they leave it in Washington. My father had the same problem but in London. Worse in my uncle. Apparently he decided not to pack any luggage like my aunt but there was no space so he gave it to the people and they lost it somewhere between the start of the stairs and the door. Not more than 50 meters. Just letting the point be, don’t always follow our backpacks. You may end up in the wrong place.

25th of October

The Galapagos are beautiful. Nothing short of paradise. The wildlife is beautiful and the population is so dense (not) that you can only walk to the beach in the middle of the main road of the entire island 9/10 of the time. The schools are pretty poorly equipped though. Also very disruptive. The Ecuadorian cloud hanging at exactly 1000 meters high, where the volcano was supposed to be, was pretty. My dad just taught me how to body surf. It is awesome. Snorkeling is also amazing if you are not to cold to move. Because your wet suit is to big. Not saying that it happened but don’t do that. It is a bad idea.

10th of November

The Tarzan house is weird. It is Made of scratch only. We also visited a sweet water crater. Frigates clean their wings in it. It was beautiful. The turtle conservation center was also really cool. Especially since we saw them eat. We also did some body surfing. We had close encounters with 3 different animals. Frigates, less than five meters, tortoise, about a half a meter, sea lion, Less than a centimeter. Help!

14th of November

Yesterday we went on a tour. It was amazing. We went bugging and sand surfing (which was more like sand sledding), we went on a boat and saw so many animals. It was like the Galapagos just with a little less variety and a lot more birds. The Galapagos had probably about the square root of there. Still preferred the Galapagos though.

25th of November

Today was a day like most. We woke up and ate breakfast. When we arrived at school we learned that they were having a protest. The kids were coloring and making signs. The reason is that the school is not getting enough funding.