Fiji- at the Hotel and on a road trip


A demonstration of the traditional Fijians – including the fire walk.CavaPrepHotel  WalkingFireFiji

A road trip took us to a lunch at the guides house… and later the villagers made us drink the cava (in the full ceremony) LunchJoeFiji DrinkFijiSigatoka

Practical things also happen – Leendert getting a haircut…LeendertKapperFiji

2 thoughts on “Fiji- at the Hotel and on a road trip”

  1. Your showing the kids different cultures and customs is fabulous. The experience makes us realize that there are many, MANY different people and cultures in this world, that our own is not the center of the world and is not always “right”. So it teaches us tolerance for others who are different. A wonderful education for the kids!

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