USA – California

Great time at Dean’s, and lovely drive to San Francisco.


You can see that the kids were keen on supporting the Golden Gate Bridge. Leendert also felt the need to hang on the bridge as well.

KidsHoldGoldenGate  LeendertHangGoldenG

At Dean’s we established Leendert is still one mm (actually 1degree) sm : ‘look mom I am taller that you!’


2 thoughts on “USA – California”

  1. Glad to see you were able to make your way to the Golden Gate overlook with a view of San Francisco! Tell Leendert the Latitude of Fiji is generally 18 Degrees South. Since you are below the Equator, the North Star will not be visible, so Leendert will need to find a reference to where the axis of the Earth’s South Pole points to the Celestial Sphere from the “locals” or on Google.

    1. Thank sir. Your device came along, and i am sure it will be used by the first clear sky.
      We were very lucky on the golden gate. 10 minutes before our arrival the sun popped through.

      Thanks for your hospitality and the intro to Lodi. Wonderful.
      You lived up to your reputation!

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