Regular day in Cusco

Monday, a regular day.

After breakfast we drop of the laundry and go to school. On the way Heidi buys some clear spray-paint which is needed for the class and the rest is what has become a routine. I reflect how incredible it is that within 1 week we have grown accustomed to a new reality.

Below the distance tracked. Walk to school (South East) – much walking with the kids in school, back home for lunch. Then to the North-West for spanish lessons – irregular verbs, and a  quick shopping trip during the mid-afternoon break, then back home.

In the evening Heidi and I look at the February diary. It is time for us to plan the trip after Dubai. We are puzzling around three elements; our time in Nepal, the need to be in a good location to get our Chinese visa’s and last but not least a good location to manage Chinese new-year (which is 19th of February, and some places in Asia totally shut down then).

Cusco Garmin normal day

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