Person who needs a haircut worse than Leendert

You may have met a lot of people who need a serious haircut. Well, I think I beat you all with that. Here is the proof.



Well, ok maybe that is a bit of cheating as it is an animal. To be more precise it is an Alpaca.

We got to go visit a centre of Alpaca’s, lama’s, and more animals. Alpacas get their hair cut only once a year (and they turn into beautiful sweaters).

You can’t see the feet of this alpaca because it has too much hair!

One thought on “Person who needs a haircut worse than Leendert”

  1. I believe that is a suri alpaca, right? By the looks of it, it hasn’t gotten it’s yearly shearing!! I would LOVE to see more pictures of the alpacas! You may not know this, but I acquired 8 of these lovely animals this year from a farm that was going under. They were emaciated when we first brought them home! After months of good feed and lush pastures they are all doing very well. They are amazing animals and the best part of having them is knitting with their wonderfully warm and lightweight fleece! It’s not itchy like sheep’s wool, but I incredibly warm.
    I am loving your blog! What an incredible blessing this trip is for your family! And you are such great writers! Maybe this trip will end up the book you wanted to write, eh?? Love you!

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