Lovely Isabela

Isabela is a quiet island.  There isn’t much traffic in terms of people or cars.  You kind of forget about looking when you cross the street.  The only paved road I saw was clearly brand new and headed up into the highlands. Elsewhere, the streets are dusty and speed bumps are made by laying down long pieces of old rope. The only vehicles are pickups and scooters, which are often left running if the owner makes a quick stop – like for breakfast! There is no fear of theft here, since any thief couldn’t escape except by boat – and they all leave from the same little port. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, especially when Alexander explains he’s teaching at the school, then the red carpet comes out. I can’t believe our amazing luck landing here for 2 weeks, it’s going to be a tough act to follow!

Isabela tree in road


2 thoughts on “Lovely Isabela”

  1. Coucou Alicia et toute la famille c’est super votre tour du monde !!!!!!!
    Merci pour le blog et les photos.
    C’est encore un peu dur pour moi de de t’écrire en anglais !!!!
    Bonne découverte du Pérou !!!!
    Gros bisous Loula

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