First North Carolina instrument

Playing the bagpipe

So, if you have looked at the video (and hopefully not put it as loud as you could), it is very impressive. Playing it is harder than you think it is. You can make it easier by NOT being with your family. Like the violin, it is louder next to your ear than at a couple feet away. Like a tuba or a trumpet, it needs a reed and a mouth piece. Getting it ready you put it together like most of the other instruments. If the talking was unclear or you heard more than what I could hear listening, I had asked:
“Why are there two times the same note?” To what he said that there would not be enough sound otherwise. The best place to play the bagpipe, one of the old ones is where it is 12-20 degrees Celsius. If the heat is to hight, it would be able to cracks them but to cold or to humid will get water on to the reed and it will not make any sound.