While we were on our bike tour, we stopped at many amazing places and did amazing things. These include riding on elephants, swimming in a waterfall, and going on a boat. The waterfall was beautiful. The water down lower was very shallow but under the waterfall my father could not find the ground. We had fun just splashing, or swimming against the current. We also went under the waterfall. We at first looked to see if there was anywhere behind the waterfall where the water would not hit you. The answer is there was not though in those few minutes we had our backs water blasted. Also, most people say that if you get close to a rainbow it will just go farther away so you can never touch it. Well, under the waterfall between my head and the rocks were two of them. These of course are just caused by the diffraction of the light in the water but wherever the diffraction occurred but my hand passed over it so I can claim that I touched a rainbow.