Normal life in Shanghai

Normal life in Shanghai is not exactly what you would expect. China is known for being extremely densely populated. So what you most likely do not expect is (picture 1) to leave a metro through a huge exit with literally nobody present. Then if you have a guess what we saw after we left the station (except for people) we have a picture for you (picture two) though you probably already saw this because often people look at the pictures before reading. You may look at the picture and think, Wow! That is crazy!, but we prefer Viet Nam where they would do the same with fridges and on two wheels, not three. The last picture (picture 3) is just a family shot on a bridge with a view on some of the buildings. By the way, if you were thinking Hey, people told me it was extremely smoggy in Shanghai. I would like you to remember that many of these pictures have been enhanced to please the eye.