Old Part of China (Shanghai)

As usual, we went on the metro to, wherever we went. we got out at the station called  ‘East Nanjing Road’ and went around the old part off Shanghai

oldTown TOURISTshops

All the roofs were with the little twirls at the end and on some there were little statues.

It was a large crowded tourist trap with about a dozen tourists. there were many little souvenir shops (many were hard not to go in (at least for me)).



In the centre or somewhere near the centre was a little pond and many (about 4) ducks. Some were larger than others.


At lunch, we ate on a small street which was located behind all the touristy things, in total of about 100 to 200 people and 3 other people that were not locals. we ate noodles (which tasted like calamari) and AWESOME dumplings.