To and At the Pagoda – Orphanage in Saigon


A 1.5 hour bus ride (actually 2 different busses) take us through Sai Gon to the Buddhist Pagoda serving as orphanage.

The sites on the way are worth the trip. The explosion of people in Sai Gon means electricity is a challenge, see the intersection of wires.       =>  And who still thinks that Rice is just Rice?


Arrival at the Pagoda, and inside the orphanage (sorry bit of a dark picture). Heidi in the middle of the group with other volunteers helping to feed the disabled.

Arrive at Pagoda Orphan TheOrphanageMomFeedingOrphan



The Site itself is incredible. The temple is something totally unique I’ll let the pictures tell the story (note 3 family members are present in the first picture)


4 thoughts on “To and At the Pagoda – Orphanage in Saigon”

  1. Hi Alicia,
    It’s Larissa from the cruise. It looks like your having an awesome trip. I will continue to follow your journey! Have a lovely time in your next destination.

    1. Hello to you Larissa,
      Good to see that you are following our backpacks. We have been having a lot of fun (as you can see (hopefully)).
      Happy to hear from you,

  2. Gebakken krekels ? Echt waar ? hebben jullie die gegeten ?

    Waren ze echt lekker ?

    Liefs van Wil K.

    1. Yup, echt gegeten. Verrukkelijk. Maar goed, je gooit een paar uien in een pan met hete olie, voegt een flinke dosis met knoflook en wat ‘hete peper’ toe en alles wat daarbij geslingerd wordt -geloof me- is eetbaar. Een leuke ervaring en de kids hebben het bord tot de laatste voelspriet leeg geknaagd! AvtR

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