An incredible experience in Sai Gon

We were blessed today by getting an invitation from Anh, the wonderful young lady we met in the Galapagos a few month back.

Invited to get a snap-shot view on how the Vietnamese celebrate Chinese New Year at home with their family.

Incredible food, even more impressive hospitality, and beautiful singing!

AnhFamilyDoor AnhDrinkUncle

3 thoughts on “An incredible experience in Sai Gon”

  1. What fun to celebrate with a local family. Alicia, your dress is lovely. Leendert, what kind of card games did you play.

    1. Yes. It was lovely. I just got the the dress made in Hoi An. we got to eat wonderful food only I still felt sick so I did not eat much. The problem was that in their family, they had a habit of serving who ever is to their right and they kept doing that. It was a pain to say no but, i did it and they kept going on.

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