Just left Darwin…

Have had no internet connection for quite some time.

by accident currently lifting on someone else’s bandwith.

all is good with us. I expect to post all the missing days once in Bali in 2 days or from Singapore in 8 days.

family is well and we are enjoying ourselves tremendously.



2 thoughts on “Just left Darwin…”

  1. Great to finally catch up with you all!!

    Fabulous to see that you are having so much fun and to read the kid’s posts!

    You’re all looking gorgeous!!

    sending you all, Our Very Best New Year Wishes.

    Mark, Cherry & Family xxxx

    1. Thx guys. Yes we are having a blast! Nice to know your are zapping through our travel updates once in a while.
      Hope you guys are also doing fine… (and of course all the best for 2015!)

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