The day today

Today we went to the museum. We also went koala spotting.


The museum:

Dad wanted to see some aboriginal art. He had found the Art museum on the Internet but we did not find it, but we only realized that after we were done and driving out. Instead we went to a museum called South Australia museum. There, they did have aboriginal things, but that was at the beginning. The rest was very much like animals. They had a giant squid that went up 4 whole stories (it was a mannequin, of course). Not the thing you want to meet in the wild. They also had at leas 100 different kinds of boomerangs and like 1,000 weapons. They had one hall that had wild animals from Europe to Africa and to well… many other places.




Koala spotting:

I wanted to see a koala, in the wild. I had carried a koala, in a wildlife habitat, but seeing one in the wild, that was something else. I finely figured out what it was, not many people look for them, so not many people do see them. We got to see 15, at least. Our favorite one, I spotted. There were three reasons why. One is we did not have to turn around, two there were no cars behind us so we could see it very well, and three, the best of all, it was STRAIGHT over out head. It was awesome.


So yes, a WONDERFUL day is what we had.