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Jewelry making

jewelry making

Mom and I went jewelry making. We (together) made 4 earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace.
How they look:

1. Paper earrings

2. (3+)=1+1 Bead for each line

3. Square wrapped with wire

4. Red&round wrapped with wire

So yes, I named them. My “equation”, does it make ANY sense? I hope it does.
This is how we made them
1. We took a magazine and found a page with a color that we liked. As you can see, we found a beautiful dark blue. Then we cut them into triangles rolled them on a stick and glued the last part (the thinnest) down onto the bead.
2. I first chose the color. They had a whole bag, blue, green, pink, purple, orange…I chose, as you can see pink, purple and blue. Then we took the wire and bent to into a hook. We put the bead on it and closed the hook in the stud of the earring and voilà!
3. Mom took a square piece (truly it was part of a coconut shell). There were two holes, if you hold it diagonally it was on top and bottom. She put the wire through the hole and started wrapping the wire around. She did it on both sides and she was done.
4. I did the same only mine, was round and smooth. Another difference was I had to make the wire go through the middle because there were no holes on top and bottom. The rest was the same.
5. Paper beads


How did Mom make this? Easy! I could make that faster than I can push dad underwater.

5. Same concept as the paper bead earrings. That is the beading part. The rest, you take little beads and put it in any pattern you wish. Easy right?
6. Square necklace

How in the world did we make this?
6. Actually, truth be told mom only wrapped the bottom part of the necklace, the necklace was already made.

We had a blast. The person with us was super kind and not afraid to make a mistake or ask a question. If there was trouble wrapping (there was) and she did not know how to fix it, she would simply try and try again but including us so if one figured it out we could help each other.

Alicia earrings

Learning about rice

Hier nous sommes aller fair des choses avec du riz. Plus précisément, ceci et ce que nous avons fait
Étape 1:
Séparer les graines.

Étape 2:
Prendre les graine et les planter sûre une ‘île’ de gadoue

Étape 3:
Labourer la terre

Etape 4:
Transplanter le riz

Planting Rice
Étape 5:
Contrôler l’eau   (Pas de Photo)
Étape 6:
Cultiver le riz

Étape 7:
Enlever les grain des plante

Étape 8:
Enlever la paille (les morceaux qui ce sont enlevés) avec un GROS éventail

Étape 9:
Ramener à la maison

Étape 10:
Polir le riz

Étape 11:
Séparer le riz en dehors de la coquille, la coquille et le riz dans le coquille

Étape 12:
Fabrication de la farine (si nécessaire)

Étape 13:

Étape 14:
La meilleure étape de tous, tu peut le deviner? Oui (j’espère)!
Je doit l’avouer, ceci étai DÉLICIEUX.

Nous us nous sommes amuser à mort!

Amazing rice fields

Let me tell you an amazing story about an amazing place in an amazing city. First of all the experience was, well, amazing. Secondly, the people were, …, also amazing. Catching on yet? Thirdly, the food we had was (Don’t cheat and look at the word. Just guess. Don’t peak.) amazing. By now you should get it. The animals that were there too were amaazing. Yes they even get and extra a for their, well, being amazing. So guess what the overall rating was. Don’t look. You may count up the A’s to figure it out. The overall experience was, … >Drum Rolls<, incredible. Sorry if I let you down. I had to find a word worth more than amazing because amaaaaaaaazing is slightly longer and harder to write. Go rice farm!