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Mines Museum

We went to a mines museum. Expectations were around 0. Especially with my father. First, the facts: Every week, 3 people die from land mines in Cambodia. A mine, does NOT go click when you stand on it. There are still between 3-6 million mines in the ground in Cambodia. Most mines are not made to kill. Only to injure. Mines from more than six different countries are present in Cambodia. 12 de-miners got injured last year. All because they did not follow the safety regulations. In the place we went, the de-mining team had only 2 bad moments. One person got bitten by a cobra 3 times and survived. The other died of malaria because he refused the medicine and the shaman killed him with a bad treatment. (Big breath) there. WOW. I will give you a minute to take that in. That guy that toured us was great. He was realistic, told his opinion, was down to earth, told the facts, but not in a heavy way.