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In the classroom,…. Sai Gon

Wonderful moments of helping to teach English. The school is well run. Kids have a good meal at lunch. The impression in class is that we have them truly engaged. They learn, laugh, and when the ‘end-of-lesson-drum’ sounds they encourage us to ‘please go on’!

We are putting a lesson plan together so that those coming after us do not have to start from scratch.   A great time!

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To and At the Pagoda – Orphanage in Saigon


A 1.5 hour bus ride (actually 2 different busses) take us through Sai Gon to the Buddhist Pagoda serving as orphanage.

The sites on the way are worth the trip. The explosion of people in Sai Gon means electricity is a challenge, see the intersection of wires.       =>  And who still thinks that Rice is just Rice?


Arrival at the Pagoda, and inside the orphanage (sorry bit of a dark picture). Heidi in the middle of the group with other volunteers helping to feed the disabled.

Arrive at Pagoda Orphan TheOrphanageMomFeedingOrphan



The Site itself is incredible. The temple is something totally unique I’ll let the pictures tell the story (note 3 family members are present in the first picture)


Cu Chi – Tunnels

With speed boat up the Mekong (ignore the red straight line – that is the flight in from Hoi An).



Then into the tunnels:

seeHoleGap really? Here?

AlicHole LeHole yup, they’re gone!

Into the tunnels – this is a bigger on Papa fit in as well (barely).


Lunch is nicely fried crickets,….

CricketPlateCricketLeCrickAli crickets1